Star of "Teen Mom 2" Needs Drug Class

by: Mike Miller

It should come as no surprise that yet another reality television star has a drug problem. I have long claimed to despise reality television. The reason is that it seems to provide people with justification for bad behavior. I cannot think of one reality television show that does not have a negative impact on American society.

The latest reality “star” to get in trouble is Jenelle Evans of “Teen Mom 2.” As reported in

As some of you may already know, Evans went to rehab for her pot addiction at the end of last season, however, it was an unsuccessful attempt as we all know because she told Dr. Drew at the check-up that she had violated her probation by having THC in her system.

Jenelle has had her fair share of abuse in several forms. Between her bad-news boyfriends and her drug addiction, she seemingly has a hard time getting up when she gets knocked down. In the new season of the show Jenelle will continue to spiral down a dark path after violating her probation and landing herself in jail again for marijuana and opiate use.

As in many “teen mom” cases, she has poor parental role models and receives almost no support from her mother.

Jenelle obviously has serious addiction issues and needs constant monitoring. It is nice that her probation officer has taken a personal interest in helping her get sober. She will need constant drug classes and alcohol classes and a support group of sober friends to keep her on the straight and narrow.