Stopping Teen Use Through Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

This is the second in a series of blogs examining the abuse of prescription medication by adolescents in America. It is frightening to think that 10% of our nation’s teenagers already suffer from drug addiction.

Just how do we treat addicted teens and help parents prevent this under-the-radar and illicit drug use? As reported in

The scary thing is how easy prescription drugs are for teens to find. They find them at home, at friends’ houses, even swipe them if the family tours a house for sale, and they can buy them in the community and online. Getting drugs is simply too easy. Combined with the peer pressure out there to try them, I would say prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions in America.

As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes at, I have found that most parents have no idea their child has a problem. They were too busy with their own lives and concerns, in denial about what might be going on, or just unaware. But once they see their child’s drug-use timeline, they realize there were plenty of warning signs that they had ignored or overlooked. They saw the signs, but never thought it could happen to them.

The next blog entry will examine some of the warning signs all parents should be on the lookout for.