Toronto Mayor Should Have Taken a Drug Awareness Class

by Mike Miller December 29, 2013

One would like to believe his elected officials are not total party animals. I remember 23 years ago when Marion Berry, the mayor of Washington DC was busted for smoking crack in a room full of prostitutes.

Despite admitting his transgression the uber-intelligent intellectuals of our nation’s capital voted him back into office just four years later. As reported in

Will Toronto residents be as kind to its mayor, Rob Ford?

Despite the call for him to step aside after he publicly admitted Tuesday using crack cocaine, Ford said he will not step down and will run for re-election next year. I sure hope the wise folks in Toronto show better judgment than those in DC.

His excuse for smoking crack – he was in a drunken stupor! Gee that makes it all ok!

He promised the people of Canada's largest city that his mistakes will never happen again. I certainly do not believe he deserves a second chance. There is no way this Chris Farley look-alike would ever have admitted to his transgression had it not been caught on video.

The 44-year-old Ford was caught on tape smoking a crack pipe.

I do not thing there is an iota of remorse in the man. Ford said no one he was close to knew of his drug use, not even his brother, Doug, a city councilor, and was quoted as saying now that his drug use was “out of the bag” that he feels “like a thousand pounds have been lifted off (his)shoulders."

This guy needs a professional alcohol and drug class in addition to rehab. Until he seeks help for everything that ails him, he cannot be trusted to honestly govern his city.

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