Will Government Inaction Create Need for More Marijuana and Drug Classes?

by Mike Miller November 10, 2013

Are you concerned about the rampant increase in marijuana use in the United States? I sure am. Of course it is generating great business for both in-class and online drug classes.

This is the fourth in a series of blogs addressing the increase in marijuana consumption as well as the lax attitude both citizens and politicians seem to be taking with respect to the drug.

Recently the Justice Department announced it would not be prosecuting marijuana cases. Thus, the last bastion of law enforcement for marijuana has been broken down.

It should come as no surprise that supporters of legalization applaud the statement from the Justice Department. The next state to vote on legalization will be Alaska, with more to come in the future.

Is the writing on the wall? Does this signal that the road to full legalization is imminent? How do you feel about this?

In my last drug class I queried my students, and the vast majority – 85%, all applaud the decision by the justice department.

I feel that while there may be fewer legal violations created by marijuana, there will be a far greater need for educational drug classes because usage is going to spike in all age groups.

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