Bath Salt Abusers – Take An Online Drug Class!

by: Mike Miller

How far do drug users and abuser go to get high? Apparently it is open season on any and every product you can buy legally. From children’s cold medication to baking soda and drain cleaner, there is no limit to how far they will look for the next legal high. Now comes the latest – bath salts.

A delusional man broke into a school in Waterville , Maine while class was under way and screamed that someone armed with a gun was after him, trying to kill him.

A woman in Knox County tried to cut her teeth out with a knife because she thought they were embedded with ticks.

A Clinton woman took off her clothes, ran around, climbed into a drainage pipe and refused to come out.

People in the Howland area have reported seeing little green men or aliens and an Ellsworth-area woman thought she was a grizzly bear when police encountered her.

Those are just a few of the recent accounts of Mainers (people living in Maine) acting strangely while under the influence of the synthetic drug bath salts, which may have an innocent-sounding name but is a very dangerous — often psychosis-inducing — substance.

Bath salts first emerged earlier this year on the streets of Bangor, where it is called “monkey dust” and remains a daily problem. But it quickly has spread throughout the state. No county has escaped its reach.

Maine is not the only state suffering from abuse of bath salts. Its abuse, like prescription drugs, is spreading like wildfire. As usual, I think education is the best thing. Perhaps a good online drug class would educate people prior to them using these toxic and potentially lethal, yet legal, substances.