Bruno Mars Took an 8-Hour Drug Class

by: Mike Miller

One of my favorite current singers is Bruno Mars. I have to admit that I think he has an amazing voice. He seems so clean cut, yet like most of us, there are demons inside him and skeletons in his closet. Fortunately for this talented crooner his demons are exorcised and his skeletons are in the past.

The uber-clean-cut young man who projects an image of such utter wholesomeness was once in a very troubled place. Like many of us, he was a victim of bad choices and addiction. As reported in

In 2010, Mars busted for using cocaine in Las Vegas. While he admits he tries to forget about the incident every day, it serves as an important reminder of how close he came to blowing both his career and his life.

The Grammy-winning singer was snorting line after line of cocaine at the Hard Rock Hotel when a bathroom attendant called the police to report the situation. Mars reportedly told officers it was his first time using drugs after they caught him with a bag of cocaine. It was a very bad decision regardless of whether it was his first time (though I doubt any first-time user decides to snort cocaine by himself in a public restroom).

He admits that he was really intoxicated and that a lot of that is a big blur. Following the drug arrest, Mars was placed on probation and completed an 8-hour drug class as well as 200 hours of community service.

He skyrocketed to fame with the hit “Grenade” and also sang an amazing duet with Eminem. Mars recently released the album "Unorthodox Jukebox," including the number-one hit "Locked Out of Heaven."

It appears Mars’ 8-hour drug class ( and the embarrassment of getting arrested did the trick. He has stayed clean and sober and both his life and career are on the rise.