Can Alcohol Drug Classes Curb Child Abuse?

by: Mike Miller

What effect do you think illicit drugs have on child abuse? Certainly you cannot believe that drugs have a positive effect on child abuse. Let’s face it; one of the most heinous crimes on the planet is child abuse. There are two leading factors in child abuse: mental illness and just plain stupidity.

There are some child abusers who are legitimately ill and in need of serious psychiatric care. The majority, however, fall into the category of sane people making incredibly bad decisions. One such decision is the choice to use drugs. As reported in

Lately one of the culprits has been synthetic drugs. Some locations are claiming that cases of child abuse by synthetic drug users were up almost 25% last year. How terrifying is that?

Could it be that some synthetic drugs are legally, and most are easy to obtain?

Is it too late that many municipalities are banning the possession or sale of chemical substances or compounds known as synthetic cocaine and marijuana just now?

Certainly this ban, combined with drug education classes will help curb this disturbing trend.

If you or someone you care about uses synthetic drugs, I urge you to seek help immediately. A drug class is a good place to start. If you prefer anonymity, there are online alcohol and drug classes too.