Colorado’s Gone Crazy! Drug Courses Recommended!

by: Mike Miller

Unless you live in a cave I am sure you are aware that the state of Colorado has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. It is almost as easy to acquire as alcohol. The state is going crazy for pot.

In addition to city and state tax revenues, advertising profits are surging. The Denver County Fair recently announced that the marijuana industry will be allowed to participate and guess what happened?

There is going to be a “Pot Pavilion” and sponsors are lining up and bidding up space. Originally, the “Pot Pavilion” would be located on half of the third floor at the National Western Complex.

There will be pot-brownie judging as well as stands for pipes, vaporizers and rolling papers. Of course there will be pot-growing competitions too. There will be no actual cannabis on-site as the competitions will take place off-site and awards will be given at the fair.

OpenVape, a maker of vapor pens is paying $10,000 for a major sponsorship, and edibles manufacturer Medically Correct is plunking down $5K.

Get this, there will even be a joint-rolling competition for fastest and tightest joint rolled. Oregano will be used in place of marijuana.

If the frenzy and hype around marijuana was not strong enough, the poster for the Pot Pavilion – an image of a cherry pie with a crust cutout resembling a marijuana leaf is outselling the fair’s main poster by more than tenfold.

How do you feel about this? Would you have any reservations about taking your child to the fair?