Doctors in Dire Need of Drug Education

by: Mike Miller

Addiction can happen to anyone. There is no sex, race or creed immune to its virulent talons. This also is true of every profession. Yes, even physicians suffer from addiction issues. Sometimes it is for drugs, other times for greed – sometimes for both.

The most recent buzz came mostly by word-of-mouth but also from fliers circulated among New Jersey’s homeless Medicaid recipients and drug addicts. It told them where to get pain pills — and fast — prescribed by corrupt doctors who then bilked government health insurance out of millions while operating out of makeshift medical facilities, authorities said. As reported in

The doctors, joined by unscrupulous entrepreneurs, were the subject of a two-year report by the State Commission of Investigation that highlights illicit medical practices that it found to be fueling prescription drug and heroin abuse and distribution in the state.

The cases included one operation where a van picked up patients in Newark and took them to a medical center in a Passaic strip mall. There, a doctor conducted cursory examinations and bogus diagnoses that resulted in prescriptions for painkillers, sedatives and cough syrup.

What do you think these physicians are addicted to? My guess is greed. It is especially sad because their greed is fueling many others chemical dependence. I would say all of these docs should lose their licenses and be mandated to a good online drug education course.