Drug Class Can Help With Withdrawals

by: Mike Miller

For those of you who read my blog regularly you know how concerned I am about the abuse of prescription drugs in this country. There are entire businesses set up solely for the purpose of writing out prescriptions. These “pill mills” are becoming yet another bane of American society.

What these doctors who have no moral compass and prescribe pills for anyone with the cash to pay for the visit fail to realize is that they are ruining the lives of people. These people will become hopelessly addicted to these pills and suffer severe withdrawals when they try to kick the habit!

Prescription painkiller abuse has become America’s fastest-growing and most pervasive drug problem with millions of people now suffering from opiate addiction. But unlike cocaine, heroin and other addictions, a huge portion of these people did not start taking their drug by choice.

Drug to Help With Withdrawal

There is a new drug out claiming to help those addicted to opiates quit without suffering the horrible mood swings and depression associated with withdrawal. It is called, simply enough, Withdrawal-Ease.

The design of the product is to help those who have become addicted to painkillers like Hydrocodone, Suboxone, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Percocet and Oxycontin.

The jury is still out on this over-the-counter treatment. I will keep you in the loop as I hear more about it. For those seeking more information on drugs and drug classes I urge you to go to www.onlinedrugclass.com.