Drug Awareness Class Could Save You From Near-Death Experienced

by: Mike Miller

It is unfortunate, but sometimes you have to look death in the face before confronting an addiction issue. Chris maxim had just one of these incidents, though it involved her 16-year-old son Joey. His friend, the driver of the car, was arrested for DUI. Joey was not expected to live.

Maxim and her husband, Joseph, of Murrysville founded Young Overcomers United to educate teens and parents about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The Maxims created Young Overcomers United and began working with young addicts in their home. As reported in triblive.com.

The program has evolved into a 10-step recovery program.

The issue with the Maxims, as it is with many other parents, is they view the world of their children through rose-colored glasses. They want to think the best of your kids. We want parents to take the blinders off and let them know if your child is using drugs.

Hopefully more parents will band together to fight the battle against teen drug use. Believe it is very scary.

Skittles Party

Have you ever heard of the above-referenced social gathering? They are very disturbing to say the least.

Some teens raid their parents' medicine cabinets, gathering drugs such as Ritalin, Tylenol with codeine, Xanax, Vicodin, Adderall and Valium and holding a “Skittles Party.”

The multicolored pills are placed in a bag, and party-goers take turns reaching into the bag and swallowing whatever pill they select without considering the ramifications.

This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. This is dangerous to a degree rarely seen in previous generations. We need more drug classes (http://www.onlinedrugclass.com/DrugClass) and counseling to keep kids from experimenting with drugs. They need to find a healthier outlet for their growing independence.