Russell Brand Thinks Katy Perry Needs Drug Education Class

by: Mike Miller

Ah, the perfect Hollywood couple. That is what everyone was thinking when Russell Brand and Katy Perry tied the know a few years back. Of course that is not true. Most gossip pundits predicted a short marriage.

At least Brand and Perry lasted eons longer than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

When the press leaked the story that Brand was divorcing his 27-year-old wife it made you wonder what could possibly be the problem. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it turns out that Brand, a recovering drug addict and alcoholic could not handle his wife’s substance abuse issues.

Brand has a long and sordid history of substance abuse and has only been clean for a relatively short period of time. His sobriety is something that he values above all else and guards with all of his might. Now the Mirror has revealed that Perry‘s hard-partying lifestyle, and her refusal to settle down and have a family, are what forced Russell to file for divorce.

I think Brand made the right call. His wife has to be aware of her husband’s vulnerability. It is hard to imagine Brand as the responsible sober type, but it appears that is what he is.

Their 1 year and 2 month marriage was a roller coaster ride of huge fights with Brand trying to get Perry to stay off drugs and alcohol.

After a huge fight before the holidays, Perry chose alcohol and drugs over a sober life with a loving husband. As part of his recovery Brand, 36, is smart enough to know he can't just go out and party in Hollywood.

Hopefully, Perry will mature and quit taking drugs and abusing booze. Perhaps a good online alcohol or drug class is a place to start.