Take a 8 Hour Drug Class and Never Experiment With Heroin

by: Mike Miller

Prescription pain killers are a Godsend to those suffering severe pain. They are a major drag on the rest of society!

Just how readily available is this highly addictive drug? How cheap can it be purchased? It is downright sickening. There is now so much heroin that a first hit can cost as little as $1. But once hooked, the craving can be insatiable and spark hundred-dollar-a-day appetites. As reported in www.nj.com.

This really creates a problem for both the user, whose life is being smoked or shot away, as well as society as a whole. Society is hurt by lost productivity of the drug addict – few heroin abusers can maintain and lead productive lives. Additionally because addicts need a ready source of cash, robberies, assaults and thefts are all on the rise in communities prized for their tranquility.

Heroin ruins lives and ruins families. As the addiction progresses addicts steal from those closest to them first – friends and family members. Then they move on to neighbors’ homes and cars.

How can we as a society combat this growing problem? It is ruining lives, ruining families and is costing society millions of dollars per year.

Would you agree that we should implement mandatory drug classes for our children beginning in middle school? I say we begin in 6th grade and continue with an 8-hour drug abuse classes each year through 12th grade and make this a part of the school curriculum.