Tobacco Classes teaches About Modern Gateways to Drug Addiction

by: Mike Miller

Is nicotine a gateway drug? I sure think so. I also believe that keeping kids away from nicotine products could seriously put a dent in the number of new recreational drug users every day.

It sickens me how tobacco companies target the younger market. Of course the older generation who does not use tobacco products will not be likely to start. Better to get them while their minds are fresh and they feel invincible. As reported in

Tobacco companies package nicotine in candies, gum, and packets — a far cry from some of the harsh tobacco products that introduced the drug to earlier generations.

There are toothpicks that are loaded with nicotine. There are also these things called ‘Orbs’ or ‘Ariva.’ They’re like little Tic Tacs that are loaded with nicotine and have ground tobacco in them as well. They have these strips that dissolve in the mouth and you get your nicotine that way. There’s also something called ‘Smokingel’ and it’s a clear gel that you apply similar to lotion.”

I was surprised to see Ariva for sale in a local Rite Aid drugstore. It looked just like gum. It’s just crazy to see the green, red and blue Ariva that looks just like the green, red and blue gum.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to mandate tobacco classes for all middle school students. If we can keep kids away from nicotine, maybe we can keep them away from marijuana, cocaine, heroin and prescription medication too!