Learn How to Overcome
With These How To's

How to Avoid Becoming an Addict

Are you currently worried that you stand the chance of becoming addicted to drugs? Of course, no one plans to get addicted to drugs (i.e. cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription pain meds., etc.). After all, personal and professional problems are rampant with drug addiction including: financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, career/job problems, family problems, etc. If you are concerned that you could possibly become dependent on a drug (whether illegal or one that has been prescribed to you), we've offered valuable tips which could help.

How to Stay Strong

Depending on a person's particular background or surroundings, he or she may be more prone to becoming an addict than others. Beating an addiction is a stressful, difficult, and time consuming process. Therefore, it's important to try to prevent addiction before it happens. Consider the following tips:

Cope with stress in a healthy and natural manner

Whether you're feeling stressed in your personal or professional life, it's important to avoid drug use as a way of coping with the pressure. Using drugs is only a temporary fix. Therefore, we recommend finding a way of dealing with stress that is healthy and natural such as exercise, yoga, or meditation. Even talking with a spouse or friend can really help. Whatever method works best for you, stick to it daily and don't let the stress build up.

Try seeing a therapist or joining a support group

It's perfectly common to have moments where you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or un-hopeful. While using drugs to change your mood may seem like a tempting way to change your situation or outlook, try to avoid this illusion. Remind yourself it only causes more problems in the long run and is not a lasting solution. It's not even great as a temporary option. It's better to find a therapist or support group that will guide you towards your goals with compassion, acceptance and support. Talk about what's bothering you to a friend, family member, or professional. This helps you identify the problem so you can find active solutions that work. Using drugs won't solve any problems and avoiding the problems often allows them to snowball. Dealing with stress and life face first is more effective and feels better.

Pursue a lifestyle that creates happiness

The happier you are, the more joy you bring into your life. Therefore, it's important to discover what makes you happy and to pursue that path. You need to participate in events and gatherings that bring a smile to your face and develop hobbies and relationships that inspire you. When your life is filled with things worth living for, then drugs will be an unattractive option.

Find a Solution for You

If you or someone is worried that you may have a problem with abusing drugs, then you need to find a solution that works best for you. Pursue various avenues until you discover a path toward liberation and freedom from the roller coaster life of drug use. And when you feel yourself slipping, call your sponsor, check into rehab, or meditate on your own strength and commitment. The sooner you start going in another direction, the easier change comes.