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With These How To's

How to Live with a Recovering Addict

Recovering from drug addiction is difficult. Not only is it challenging for the addict, it is also challenging for the family trying to live with them. If you are living with someone who is recovering from drug dependency, you may find the process to be overwhelming. Here are some tips that can help make the transition easier.

Become Educated

If you're going to help a family member during any phase of the recovery process, it's important that you get educated. You may also need your own support though community support groups, counseling, rehab centers or online help. It is normal to experience a range of feelings including anger, frustration, betrayal, sadness, disappointment and helplessness. Getting outside help to validate and process your feelings is beneficial for both you and the recovering addict.

Reduce Stress

Living with a recovering drug addict is stressful. Since addicts use drugs to avoid stress, they can be confronted on how to deal with it now that they are sober. Too much stress can cause a relapse so it is important to strengthen communication and seek assistance if the stress gets is too high. Areas that tend to be stressful are:

  • The Recovery Process Itself
  • Family Conflicts
  • Personal Relationships
  • Work
  • School
  • Finances

Show Support

Showing your support for a loved one who is going through recovery is very important. However, you must also be clear on the type of support you will give. Let your loved one know what to expect and how you will be ready to help. For example, to help with temptation, make sure the house is clear of any substances that could bring on a high. Some people find doing a daily "check in" is helpful. Sometimes accompanying your loved one to meetings can be supportive as well as getting the help you need.

One Day at a Time

Though you've undoubtedly heard the phrase "one day at a time" before, it's true and should be practiced. The recovery process may not always be easy, but will be completely worth the stress and struggle you may endure. Be patient and take one day at a time.