Learn How to Overcome
With These How To's

How to Stop Smoking Pot

Do you have a problem with marijuana? In many states, smoking marijuana is still illegal but marijuana can also be a bad habit that harms the mind, body, and often times - relationships. Depending on how often you smoke or want to get high, you may benefit from taking an online drug class.

Are You Ready to Stop?

Before you attempt to stop smoking pot, you first have to be committed to quitting. Many people say they want to quit, but after a few days, they go back to old patterns so if you are serious, make sure you are putting in one hundred percent of your effort. You will need this energy when giving up your pot habit becomes difficult.

  • Just Quit Smoking

While this advice is easier said then done, if you you want to stop smoking pot, then you just have to stop. Get rid of any pot and all pot related devices you have. Don’t just store them somewhere out of view- remove them from your home permanently. Be prepared to deal with withdrawal symptoms and have a plan for how to get through knowing that eventually they will subside.

  • Find Support

If you continue to surround yourself with people who smoke pot and do drugs, then it is unlikely that you will succeed in your sobriety. Therefore, you need to be around people who don’t do drugs and who will assist you in achieving your goal.

  • Educate Yourself

If you're serious about giving up smoking pot, then educate yourself on the dangers of marijuana. By taking a drug education course and becoming familiar with the various ways marijuana can harm your mind, body and relationships, you will be more inclined to kick your bad habit.

Get Healthy — Don’t Do Drugs

You already know that drugs are bad for you and your body, so why do them? Sure, addiction can be troubling and stressful, and very hard to break. Therefore, if you need help, whether you smoke pot regularly or use other drugs, then seek medical or professional assistance today. It's important to be healthy!