New Brunswick Marijuana Laws

New Brunswick Marijuana Laws

In New Brunswick, Marijuana is completely illegal. New penalties have been developed for the involvement of pot, including a mandatory six-month jail term for growing just six marijuana plants. If you or someone you know is currently in trouble for the possession of marijuana, we recommend enrolling in one of our classes to meet personal, educational, and court requirements.

The Law

Currently illegal, the marijuana laws here classify pot as a "controlled substance." Depending on the amount you are caught with, and if it is determined that you are carrying enough for "intent to sell", you could potentially face the following punishments for your first offense:

  • $1000 Fine
  • Sixth Month Jail Sentence
  • Five Year Prison Term

These penalties increase the more you break the law.

If you or someone you know has recently been cited for a marijuana possession and the judge mandates drug awareness education, then we recommend taking our Online Drug Classes.

Online Drug Awareness Classes

Our classes were designed so there is no barrier to completing them. The online format allows you to work independently around your busy schedule. Go through the course at your own pace, and start and stop when you want. You will also learn a lot from the highly educational material.

Just select the best class for you from the drop down menu below and register online. During registration, you will select a user name and password that is your key to accessing the course material. Then, you can start instantly. It's that easy!

As soon as you enroll in one of our courses, you'll be rewarded with various benefits, including:

  • 100 Percent Online
  • Instant Access
  • Available Day and Night
  • Great Customer Service
  • No Downloads or Printouts
  • Free Completion Certificate

Whether you have specific court requirements to meet or are just interested in personal growth, you can benefit from our fun, interactive classes. You won't find another online program that is as convenient as ours.

Start Learning

Let us help educate you on New Brunswick marijuana laws. If you or someone you know is arrested for the possession or involvement of pot, a difficult process could ensue. We will do our best to make sure you get through this challenging time as smoothly as possible.

New Brunswick Marijuana Laws

Learn the rules regarding marijuana use in New Brunswick.

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