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At Online Drug Class, we offer online classes and educational resources that have been designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals who suffer from drug abuse. If this describes you, let us help. The classes and educational information below can prove to be tremendously helpful. Take action today with our class and education options.

Online Classes

Drug Education Classes

Online Drug Classes from the leader in substance abuse education. These classes focus on learning why people use drugs, their effects and ways to learn to quit.

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Alcohol Awareness Classes

Teach about alcohol abuse and its effects through an easy to understand online program. This class can be taken by both people with court orders or those who want to learn more for their own personal growth.

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Tobacco Awareness Class

This online tobacco program is a easy way to learn about tobacco and cigarettes. It's suitable both for young people who aren't allowed to smoke and adults who can but want to quit.

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MIP Classes

In the United States, minors and young adults under the age of 21 are often required to take a minor in possession class if they are caught drinking alcohol. This is a great online option to meet those requirements.

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Classroom Programs

State DUI Classes

If you are required to take an in-person DUI class, sometimes it's difficult to find one in your area. This resource shows the closest and most convenient DUI/DWI classes in a classroom format.

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Classes to Prevent Drug Abuse

If you or someone you know has a drug problem, then it may be important to learn specific facts regarding substance abuse. We offer Drug Awareness Classes.

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