California Smoking Laws

According to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, here are some recent statistics:

High school students who smoke 10.5% (227,700)

Male high school students who use smokeless (tinned) tobacco 5.0%

Kids (under 18) who become new daily smokers each year 20,300

Packs of cigarettes bought or smoked by kids each year 67.1 million

Adults in California who smoke 12.6% (3,628,900)

Were you issued a smoking fine in California? If so, provides tobacco awareness classes that can help resolve your case.

The Law

California smoking law states that it is unlawful for any person under the age of 18 to purchase, possess, or receive tobacco or tobacco products. CA PENAL CODE § 308

The Penalties


  • A maximum of $75

If you choose not to pay the fine, you may attend a court hearing to challenge the citation.

Community Service:

  • Required to complete 30 hours of community service

The Solution

Are you required to complete a tobacco awareness class? If so, our youth tobacco awareness classes are professional and available 100% online!

Developed by experts, these classes are educational and can be accessed at your convenience. Many of our clients find learning independently helps them retain the information. You won't find a better option, sign up today and start your 4 or 8 hour course right now!

Tobacco Awareness Classes

Class Price
4 Hour Tobacco Awareness Class $99 Register Now Register
8 Hour Tobacco Awareness Class $179 Register Now Register

How do I pay for my class? What payment methods are accepted?

We accept different payment methods at ODC, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. When you finish enrolling for your Youth Tobacco Awareness/Cessation class, you can pay by phone or online. Our data encrypted payment system will keep your information safe and secure.

Exactly how much do the Youth Tobacco/Cessation classes cost?

The price of each class is dependent on the length of the program:

  • 4-Hour Tobacco Awareness Class – $99
  • 8-Hour Advanced Tobacco Awareness Class – $179

Both classes include free enrollment processing and a complimentary Certificate of Completion.

How do I access my course materials?

When you finish registering for your California Youth Tobacco Awareness/Cessation class, you will be asked to choose a unique username and password. Make sure you store your account information in a convenient location. You can then complete the program entirely online!

Am I allowed to take a break and change computers at any time?

Of course! Our Youth Tobacco/Cessation classes are completed entirely online, which allows you to access them on your tablet, smart phone, or personal computer. In addition, there are no restrictions to the amount of devices that you can use to access your account.

How will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

Once you’ve passed your Youth Tobacco Awareness/Cessation class, we will provide you with your free Certificate of Completion (you may choose to expedite your shipping for an extra fee). Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to submit this document to your judge.

How much time is usually required to complete the Youth Tobacco/Cessation class?

This depends on the class you’ve enrolled in. The time required to complete the course is specified in the course title; we offer 4-hour and 8-hour Youth Tobacco Awareness/Cessation courses.

I did not pass the final exam for my Youth Tobacco/Cessation class. Now what?

In order to successfully pass the Youth Tobacco Awareness/Cessation course, you need to score 80% or higher on the program's final exam. However, if you do not pass the exam on your first try, you may take it as many times you need in order to pass it.

California Tobacco Laws

Learn the rules regarding tobacco use in California.

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