Massachusetts Smoking Laws

Massachusetts is having much debate about the regulation of e-cigarettes according to the Boston Globe. Some want government interventions, while others think people should be free to make their own decisions. What is clear, is that the sales and usage of e-cigs have grown. In Boston alone, 501 stores now sell e-cigarettes, up from 333 last year, according to figures from the Boston Public Health Commission. Below are other tobacco laws.

The Law

Massachusetts smoking law states that it is unlawful for any person under the age of 18 to purchase tobacco. The minor may only acquire said tobacco product from parent or guardian. MASS. Chapter 270: Section 6.

The Penalties

In Massachusetts, there are penalties in place for minors who use tobacco products. The fines imposed vary depending on the number of offenses committed. For a first offense, the minimum fine is set at $100, emphasizing the seriousness of the violation and aiming to deter minors from engaging in tobacco use. For a second offense, the minimum fine increases to $200, reflecting the importance of preventing repeat offenses. Subsequent offenses carry a minimum fine of $300, highlighting the escalating consequences for continued non-compliance with tobacco regulations.

It is worth noting that if a minor chooses not to pay the fine, they have the option to attend a court hearing to challenge the citation. This provision ensures that minors have an opportunity to present their case and address any concerns they may have regarding the citation. It provides a fair and transparent process for resolving any disputes related to the penalties.

Massachusetts is committed to enforcing tobacco laws to protect the health and well-being of minors. The imposed fines, along with the option to challenge the citation, serve as deterrents to underage tobacco use and promote compliance with the regulations. Minors should be aware of the financial consequences associated with these violations and consider the importance of making responsible choices that prioritize their health and adhere to the law.

The Solution

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Massachusetts Tobacco Laws

Learn the rules regarding tobacco use in Massachusetts.

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