New Jersey Smoking Laws


There is a big divide in New Jersey about the use and regulations of e-cigs or electronic cigarettes. Not only will there be an extra tax on "vapors" but in 2010, New Jersey was the first state in the country to ban vaping indoors.A person who vapes in an office, restaurant or bar can be fined $250 for the first offense, $500 for the second and $1,000 for the third.

The Law

New Jersey smoking law states that it is unlawful for any person to sell, give, or furnish tobacco or tobacco products to any person under the age of 19. N.J. STAT. ANN. § 2A:170-51.4

The Penalties


  • $250 for the first offense
  • $500 for the second offense
  • $1,000 for each other subsequent offense

NOTE: If you choose not to pay the fine, you may attend a court hearing to challenge the citation.

The Solution

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New Jersey Tobacco Laws

Learn the rules regarding tobacco use in New Jersey.

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