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Read Along – Have the Course Narrated to You

At the end of a long day, most people don’t want to strain their eyes by reading a novel, let alone material for an online drug class. We’re proud to offer read-along, a convenient service that does the reading for you. Simply relax and listen to the course material being read to you.

Nominal Extra Fee

This service can be added to any course. The cost of the service is associated with the length of the class you are taking, and can be added for as little as $9.95.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Read Along:
Readalong Controls

Not only does this class allow you to fulfill your court requirement at your own pace, on any device with internet access, but it now also provides the ultimate in comfort. You can sit back, close your eyes, and absorb the material through audio. The added feature of read along truly makes it the epitome of convenience.

Free Trial

Still not Convinced? You can enjoy read-along for the first three chapters at no extra cost. If you decide you like the feature you can upgrade at any time.

What customers say about Read Along

“Reading for long periods of time used to cause me eye fatigue, but with the help of read along, I was able to complete my coursework more efficiently without straining my eyes!” – Kerry S.
“The teacher’s narration was soothing and made the experience fly by with ease. ” – Mark F.
“Listening to the class instead of reading it is such a fantastic alternative!” – Kelly D.