Air Force Cadets Need Drug Classes

by Mike Miller April 15, 2012

Our armed forces have long been a role model for our nation’s children. Of course this changed during the Vietnam War when soldiers were caught on tape smoking marijuana. Nevertheless, our nation’s military preparatory academies, West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, have long been examples to our nation’s youth.

With drugs supposedly rampant in our professional military, it is no surprise that the younger generation is aping their elders.

The news from the Air Force Times is that 30 cadets are suspected of using banned substances. These are substances other than alcohol, tobacco or drugs prescribed to cadets.

Bryan said he didn’t know if any cases have resulted in charges or discipline yet, but the new cases have been forwarded to Brig. Gen. Richard Clark, commandant of cadets, according to The (Colorado Springs, Colo.) Gazette. Other details haven’t been released.

The investigation began in 2011 when the academy suspected use of banned substances including spice, which mimics the effects of marijuana. Twenty-one cadets resigned, five were kicked out, and one’s case went to a court-martial.

Last year, the Air Force punished 497 airmen for spice use. This was a measured jump from the 380 disciplined for the drug in 2010.

I have long been a champion of more education. Our military should make every soldier, and the academy should make every cadet take a drug class. We need our leaders to lead by example – good example.

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