Alcohol Class Could Have Avoided Seriously Embarrassing DUI Photo

by: Mike Miller

Alcohol is a poison.  As such it certainly has an adverse effect on the human body. Quite frankly, it makes us do stupid things.  When we get arrested, the incident is an embarrassment and there is no such thing as a good mug shot.  However, there is such thing a horrific mug shot.

Kelsey Smith of Florida has one of the all-time great mug shots.  Pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI) he decided to spit his own blood on police, telling them that he had AIDS, HIV and Hepatitis C.

The 29-year-old  was arrested and became incredibly violent, forcing police to use a Taser on him when he resisted arrest. This string of events led to Smith banging his head against a police car and spitting his blood on several police deputies. Police had found him passed out in his own car reeking of booze.  He promptly failed a field sobriety test.

Real winner here, right? One look at his mug shot tells the tale. Hopefully, he will be mandated to an alcohol class and seek counseling for his many other issues.  It would be nice to think that in 20 years he could look back at that photo and see how far he has progressed as a human being.