Chris Herren Needed Drug Class

by Mike Miller May 30, 2012

The National basketball Association has had its share of bad press due to the actions of its players. It is always nice when the NBA can get some positive attention for the actions of its athletes. Such is the case with former NBA player Chris Herren.

Herren has been traveling the country and preaching about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. He should know as they ruined his career. He recalls being in a high school gym and not listening to the anti-drug message. He regrets every minute of his drug use.

While he only drank and smoked an occasional joint in high school, he realizes that he was laying the foundation to give in to much harder drugs like Oxycontin and heroin.

Speaking to adolescents around the country, Herren talks about how after those around him gave him chance after chance to get clean and his own unconscious mind delivered warnings, he still gave in to his addiction, eventually escalating to two near-death experiences due to heroin overdoses.

Herren truthfully talks about his introduction to cocaine at the age of 18. He never imagined it would take him almost another 18 years to quit the cocaine addiction he developed.

Players like Herren have the ability to change the behavior of our youth. Through their experiences kids see and understand how the decision to never start using drugs is the best one!

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