Clergy See the Need for 12 Hour Drug Classes

by Mike Miller December 18, 2012

With our nation plagues by addiction to prescription medication, it is time that everyone joins in the battle to combat this problem. Joining the fight are members of the clergy.

Houses of worship often are the first point of contact for families struggling with substance abuse and mental illness. As reported in

Many churches and social health organizations are joining together for the sole purpose of combating the very high rates of drug and alcohol abuse.

The idea is to get input from intermediate and high school age children about what methods would be most effective in preventing and treating alcohol and prescription drug abuse among their peers.

While the youth will assist in all aspects of the campaign, they especially are needed to help with social media, fliers, presentations at schools, churches and community centers and other methods of outreach to their peers.

Faith-based organizations are in a unique position to reach and serve large segments of the community, especially those in need or in difficult times. These local congregations help increase awareness of the issue, provide hope that options exist, and give comfort to families by letting them know that they are not alone.

I would like to see more organizations involved in the battle against drug and alcohol abuse. Churches should sponsor members if they need to take a 12 hour drug class or a 12 hour alcohol class. Faith is an important part of all of us and encouraging our faith through sobriety can only help the planet.

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