Cooperation and Communication helps in Drug Awareness

by Mike Miller November 4, 2011

Pennsylvania is suffering from drug addiction. You could include all other 49 states in that assessment.

Philadelphia has started a program whose goal is to coordinate efforts of numerous government and community organizations in reducing the consequences of drug abuse on individuals, families and the community.

Drug abuse impacts the criminal justice system, law enforcement, treatment system and numerous other private and public organizations, especially individuals and families. These coalitions will give them an opportunity to focus efforts where they see the greatest need and impact. It will also enables them to get important information on drugs of abuse out to parents and the community through a comprehensive public relations and electronic media campaign.

Those involved in the effort include the Department of Jobs & Family Services, the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Department, ADAMHS board members, representatives of common pleas and municipal courts, Union Hospital emergency department management, Dover City Schools officials and people with families members who have addictions.

The type of drugs being abused is constantly changing. While marijuana, cocaine and heroin remain a problem, law enforcement have had to deal with newer ones as well, such as the recreational drug known as bath salts, which are scheduled to become illegal this month.

Providing information on new drugs will be one of the goals of the coalitions. While parents and teachers are the first line of defense against drug abuse, grandparents, coaches and neighbors need to be informed, as well. Anyone concerned about the welfare of a child has a responsibility to become educated on the subject.

I would like to hear what you have to say on this issue. Perhaps, if you come up with a good suggestion I will discuss it in my drug awareness class.

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