Could an Alcohol Awareness Class Have Saved Dog’s Life?

by: Mike Miller

Alcohol makes people do stupid things. That is a fact. The following story could have ended without tragedy. This time is caused an innocent animal its life!

In this case, a man from Illinois sent his dog on a police officer who was attempting to arrest his girlfriend. The result – the officer was forced to shoot and kill the dog. As reported in

The man, John P. Cargo was charged Friday with felony resisting a peace officer and misdemeanor aggravated assault in connection with the incident, which started tried to arrest Lisa G. Ehler, 52, for driving under the influence.

As they were placing her under arrest, the 41-year-old Cargo came out of the house and tried to get in Ehler's car and tried to claim he had been the driver. Ehler was totally intoxicated.

When told they were arresting his girlfriend Cargo went back into the house and got his pit bull which attacked the officers. One officer tried to push the dog away with his foot and the dog growled and snarled at the officers and eventually they had to make the decision to shoot the dog.

After the dog was shot, Cargo came back out of the house and police started to arrest him, but he resisted them. Now Cargo too got arrested.

What a tragedy – all of which started when Ehler’s decided to drink and drive! I hope she is mandated to a good online alcohol class.