Does Montana Need to Mandate Drug Prevention Education?

by Mike Miller March 26, 2013

Looking at one individual state can be a microcosm of the bigger picture of the nation’s issues. Recently we looked at Ohio. Today we look at Montana.

It's been labeled the invisible epidemic by some. Of course you know what I am talking about, right? The problem with use and abuse of prescription medications. As reported in

Do you believe this? According to the Montana Department of Justice, prescription drug abuse is 15 times more deadly than meth, heroin and cocaine combined.

That is a bold statement!

Prescription drug abuse does count for 100 more deaths than Montana's roadways.

In Montana and other states, it is not uncommon for armed and unarmed people to threaten pharmacists, and demand medication. Drugs often robbed are Fentanyl patches and Oxycodone pills, both potent painkillers.

The most commonly abused prescription drugs are painkillers, but drugs designed to help with depression, anxiety or attention deficit disorders are also popular.

Officials in Montana are willing to term the prescription drug abuse as “epidemic.” If that is not alarming, what is.

It is not all bad news. There have been some positive developments against prescription drug abuse. The establishment of the prescription drug registry now allows doctors and pharmacists to more easily identify drug seekers. This will certainly help – if doctors use it.

Hopefully Montana drug classes and increased public awareness will keep a few would-be users and abusers from never trying prescription medications in the first place.

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