8 Hour Drug Classes Encourage Brain Training

by: Mike Miller

Here is a simple fact – your brain can be trained. Could quitting drug use forever be as simple as training your brain? Let’s just say the way you first became addicted was due to proper training of your brain!

The mind is the place where we become addicted and it the place to find the solution! As reported in www.wvva.com.

The problem is that people are self-medicating, a lot of times, and with substance abuse, these underlying issues are what causes that - depression, anxiety and other personal issues.

New technologies allow physicians to diagnose disorders like depression and anxiety-- by checking out your brain waves.

It is a fact that people that tend to abuse substances either have high, fast brain waves or really slow brain waves, and they are using substances to balance that out. To battle substance abuse, professionals need to correct those unhealthy brain wave levels.

Sensors are used detect waves that are out of line. Based on resulting patterns of brain activity. When one’s brain waves are out of control, they can become at risk for substance abuse.

Using a technique called neurofeedback, the brain actually trains itself to operate at normal levels. All you have to do is kick back, and watch a movie.

Could treating substance abuse be as simple as watching a movie? I assure you I will follow this research and report back to you. I still recommend 8 hour drug classes which keep students from ever using or becoming addicted in the first place.