8 Hour Drug Course Could Help Make You a Stud in Bed

by: Mike Miller

Despite self-deprecating jokes about not caring about your partner’s sexual gratification, there is no doubt we all want to satisfy our mates. So, how can a drug class help you sexually please your significant other, or one-night stand?

Given all of the other bad effects of drug use, it should come as no surprise that researchers have found that drug abuse negatively affects sexual performance in men even after years of abstinence. As reported in articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com.

That is really bad news. In previous studies, abstinence from drugs seemed to show that men spontaneously recovered their normal sexual performance at three weeks after quitting substance abuse.

The study included 550 men who had been diagnosed with alcohol, cocaine, cocaine and alcohol, heroin, marijuana and speedball (cocaine and heroin) addiction.

Of course this study was conducted in Spain, the home of the virile man!

Assessing Four Areas

The researchers examined and evaluated four areas of sexual performance: sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, sexual arousal and orgasm. The study revealed that the study group had a moderately to significantly impaired sexual performance as compared to controls.

Additionally, the researchers separately examined the effects of the different substances on sexuality. For instance, speedball and cocaine abuse prevailingly affect sexual pleasure, while they slightly affect sexual desire. Indeed, cocaine users have very high sexual desire during peak periods of drug abuse.

What about Booze?

Alcohol is the drug which most affects sexual arousal (erectile capacity). This is the first study to reveal the permanent effect of substance abuse on sexuality, even after long abstinence periods. Finally, orgasms are impaired by heroin, cocaine, alcohol and speedball.

So, do yourself and your mate a favor – stay off of drugs and alcohol!