Drug Classes Help Keep You Off Heroin

by Mike Miller August 28, 2012

Can you tell me why heroin is gaining in popularity among all age groups? I mean who in their right mind would start using heroin? As a recovering drug addict I can tell you that this drug will kill you or anyone else who uses it. If not for an overdose, it will kill in a plethora of other ways.

So why is it making a comeback? Experts seem to think that our country’s addiction to prescription medication is the key factor. They believe that as the price of prescription meds goes up and the availability is scarce, addicts are turning to the cheaper more available option. What do you think? As reported in www.courierpress.com.

Heroin in High School?

Federal surveys from 2011 show 2.9 percent of high school students have tried heroin, and that more than 350,000 Americans of all ages are addicted to the drug.

How bad is the problem? Of the nearly one million emergency room visits for illicit drug abuse in 2009, more than 219,000 were due to heroin.

Prescription Drugs as a gateway to Heroin

Part of the problem may be OxyContin. The manufacturer reformulated of OxyContin in 2010, aimed at making it harder to crush and dissolve in water for a quick high, seems to have prompted many users to switch to heroin.

The researchers' analysis of data from more than 2,500 patients entering 150 treatment centers in 39 states showed that OxyContin use had plunged by more than half since the formula change.

Heroin is one of the most deadly drugs on the planet as well as most addictive. It is not to be tried or used under any circumstances. If you or anyone you know used or has used this drug please seek help ASAP. There are both in-class and online drug classes that can help too.

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