Edibles Could Land You in a Drug School

by Mike Miller February 26, 2014

As Colorado and its citizens deal with the ramifications of legal marijuana there is one issue that they need to address quite quickly – edible marijuana. Most people think of “pot smokers” as the drug is most-commonly ingested through smoke.

One thing that stands out in Colorado at present is the huge market for marijuana edibles. Store owners did not anticipate this craze and cannot keep their shelves stocked with marijuana-infused food products. As reported in upload.wikimedia.org.

It is not just marijuana browning. Colorado’s retail stores legally sell everything from baked goods like cookies, brownies, cupcakes and (all varieties from whole wheat to sour dough) but all forms of candy, peanut butter, jelly, butter, condiments and even soda.

Edible marijuana products currently make up almost 50% of the sales of recreational marijuana. As I am sure you know, the drug was legalized for recreational purposes beginning on January 1st of this year.

Keeping marijuana stores supplied with edibles is not the primary concern that Coloradans need to address right away. The pressing issue is underage consumption of these edibles. Each day emergency rooms across the state see numerous cases where children, including infants, are suffering after eating marijuana-infused products.

One of the most widely abused products among children is mints.

So what is the state to do? So far they are doing nothing. I foresee huge warning labels on each product that contains marijuana – perhaps similar to the danger warnings on tobacco products.

Do you have any suggestions?

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