Great Musicians Need Drug Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

Marijuana has long been a part of the art culture. Musicians have especially been known to smoke the “peace pipe.” There was a time I too believed it enhanced my creative abilities (I had written an episode of “Seinfeld” while under the influence of THC). Of course, we all know that drugs and alcohol impede artistic creativity and slow the creative process.

Those busted for marijuana use span generations.  Two musicians who have been notoriously busted for marijuana use will be mentioned here.  Remember they are not role models, and their use of drugs and alcohol drastically hurt their careers and wasted some of their talent.

Louis Armstrong

Many of you may not be able to remember Louis Armstrong.  As a world-class jazz musician, Armstrong was known for his powerful trumpet. 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that smoking anything would not help your lung capacity. Armstrong holds the title of being the first musician arrested for marijuana possession when he was busted in 1931!

Hoyt Axton

Moving forward 60 years, this country great was busted in grand fashion back in 1997 when he and his wife were arrested after police found more than a pound of marijuana in his Montana home.

His wife claimed she had been administering the weed medicinally to help easy Axton’s discomfort following a stroke two years earlier.  Marijuana is illegal for all purposes in Montana and both Axton and his wife went to jail for a short time.

These are just two musicians who have been busted for illegal drug use, specifically marijuana.  Despite the current liberal view toward marijuana, it is important to remember that the American Medical Association does not recommend it for any physical or mental ailment!