Massachusetts Senator Sees Need for Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

I have not heard many wise things coming out of Washington, DC lately. Have you? I would like to say that what Massachusetts Senator John Keenan said was bright, perhaps even insightful. He is riding a claim that is one of the most obvious statements I have heard in a long time – that medical marijuana can both be abused and lead to substance abuse.

Keenan opposes a state ballot question that would legalize medical marijuana, based on concerns that its passage would lead to an increase in use not related to medical conditions, adding to the state's ongoing prescription drug abuse epidemic. As reported in

Just look at California, Colorado, Oregon or Washington and you can see this is precisely the case!

Wisely, Sen. Keenan said he opposes the question because of the wide latitude it would give physicians in determining what “debilitating medical conditions” may be treated with marijuana. While the question's definition of “debilitating medical conditions” specifically mentions chronic illnesses such as AIDS, ALS, MS, cancer, and Parkinson's, it also includes “other conditions as determined in writing by a qualifying patient's physician.”

That right there my friends is the million-dollar statement. There are too many nefarious doctors who will prescribe marijuana for the wrong reasons. In Colorado less than one percent of medical marijuana users suffer from AIDS, ALS, MS, cancer, and Parkinson's.

It is far too easy to get a prescription for problems with sleep, lack of appetite or the ever-popular chronic pain. How about the real reason – they like to use marijuana and the stuff at the dispensaries is potent.

There is no doubt we need to get rid of medical marijuana across the board in every sate. If there are things it helps, which the AMA has yet to find any, let the FDA regulate it like every other “medicine” and sell it at pharmacies.