Seamen Need Drug Education Class

by Mike Miller January 1, 2012

Synthetic drugs are all the rage – along with marijuana, prescription painkillers, …. Even our nation’s servicemen cannot seem to keep from getting loaded while on duty. Of course this isn’t the first time service members used drugs on the job. In Vietnam weed was smoked as often as it could be procured!

More than two dozen enlisted crew members aboard the carrier Ronald Reagan are facing discharge from the Navy for using synthetic marijuana.

The Navy is processing 28 sailors for administrative separation for using or possessing the synthetic drug following six separate investigations of the ship's crew in the past month.

The sailors will be kicked out for violating the Navy's zero-tolerance policy for illegal drugs.

The Reagan sailors were not identified, and the Navy did not say how those sailors were caught with "spice," which is not detected through the service's regular random urinalysis testing.

"The Navy's policy on drug abuse is simple and clear - zero tolerance," 3rd Fleet commander Vice Adm. Gerard Beaman said. "Drug use puts lives and missions at risk and undercuts unit readiness and morale. The use of synthetic drugs, to include spice, is illegal and the Navy continues to aggressively investigate the use of synthetic drugs and hold those in violation accountable."

Reagan returned to San Diego from deployment in September. I hope for these sailors they quit using drugs and live a clean and sober life.

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