Seniors Need 15 Hour Drug Education Classes Too

by Mike Miller October 1, 2012

With all of the big issues facing our nation today and getting attention during this presidential election season, one seems to be getting far too little attention. Are senior citizens an issue to be concerned about right now?

I sure think so. As reported in

Senior centers offer a variety of programs for seniors, but rarely talks with them about addiction to prescription narcotics.

The sad truth is if discussions were help on seniors with addiction issues around prescription pills, most of them would not come. It is a hidden addiction. There are very few seniors who will get help for alcohol or opiate addiction.

In an effort to address opiate abuse in communities south of Boston, the council last week cohosted a regional forum called “Opiate 101” at the Scituate Harbor Community Building.

Addiction to opiate narcotics, such as OxyContin and Percocet, is known as an epidemic striking young people. And police are warning that prescription pain pills are leading youths to heroin, since pills on the street can cost $250 per day while a bag of heroin is $10.

Yet opiate abuse is also taking a toll on older people. A significant number of adults over 54 seek substance abuse services, with a surprising number seeking treatment for heroin addiction.

Alcohol abuse accounts for about 75 percent of substance treatment admissions among older adults, but heroin is now the second-most popular substance of choice.

This is a serious problem. If you are a senior addicted to narcotics, please seek help immediately. If you are a friend or family member do not sit back and sweep this disease under the rug. Encourage your loved one to seek help.

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