"Shake and Bake" Users Need Drug Class

by Mike Miller February 21, 2012

Despite little if any crackdown on the illegal drugs already popular, makers of synthetic drugs seem to create a new one every day. The dangerous thing about these drugs is parents are the last to learn about them. These drugs are hitting hard as early as 5th and 6th grade!

Last week I blogged about a number of horrific cases involving crystal meth. I also blogged about the dangers of all the new synthetic drugs flooding the market. The latest scare is called “shake and bake.”

The science involved in creating the chemical compound continues to evolve, including an easier recipe called "Shake and Bake" that is available on the Internet.

More Horror Stories

Last month, an Oklahoma woman was arrested as she walked around a Wal-Mart store — for six hours before she was noticed — mixing ingredients for Shake and Bake.

In one of the recent attacks by meth users, Danielle Mailloux received a nine- month sentence in Bakersfield Tuesday for stabbing her 6-week-old infant in the back and cutting her along her abdomen, jaw and neck during a binge. The baby survived.

In Oklahoma, authorities charged Lyndsey Fiddler with second-degree manslaughter after an aunt found her infant daughter in a washing machine thudding off balance in the spin cycle. The aunt told authorities that Fiddler had been up for three days using meth.

In Albuquerque, N.M., last month Liehsa Henderson, high on meth, claimed to be God and told police God wanted her son to die after allegedly stabbing him in the neck with a screwdriver. The boy survived.

Perhaps the most gruesome story was when Fresno police found Aide Mendez dead on the bathroom floor of her home. Her children — 17-month-old Aliyah Echevarria and Isaiah Echevarria, 3 — were in the bathtub. Mendez's cousin was dead in the kitchen. She had shot each in the head. The children's father remains hospitalized with stabbing and gunshot wounds.

Police recovered 10 grams of meth, $8,000 and scales — and the iPad the young mother used to videotape herself smoking meth.

These stories are things that are not created by Hollywood. These happen every month, every week, every day. There needs to be more education, drug classes and counseling. The drugs produced today don’t ruin days or weeks, they ruin lives.

Source: CBS News

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