Whitney Houston Now Poster-Child for Drug Classes

by Mike Miller April 25, 2012

How many different intoxicants do you think they found in the autopsy of Whitney Houston? Of course you remember the pop diva dies after drowning in her bathtub.

If you have seen the photos of the room, you can clearly see that Whitney, despite a number of attempts, she was still was using cocaine.

The drug was found throughout Houston's body according to cleveland.com. By the time she was fou8nd, she had been dead at least an hour in a tub so hot it had scalded part of her body.

Nearby, on the bathroom counter, investigators found a small spoon described by investigators as having a "crystal like substance" in it and in a drawer they discovered a white powdery substance. There also were a dozen prescription drug bottles found in Houston's suite of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Because of the paraphernalia and meds it was originally thought she died of an overdose, but after further examination and toxicology results they concluded she drowned accidentally. Heart disease, which caused a 60 percent blockage in one of her arteries, and cocaine use were listed as contributing factors.

Toxicology results also showed Houston had marijuana, Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril, and the allergy medication Benadryl in her system.

The grim accounting of the room where Houston died and what investigators found provide a sad footnote to the singer's life, showing the impact drugs took on her. An investigator noted a hole in the singer's nose, listed under "history of substance abuse."

Houston died at the age of 48.

What a tragedy. Houston is the perfect example of how drugs ruin lives. A beauty and a God-given talent that is gone – due to drugs. I would hope this is a wake-up call to other celebrities and members of the public. They should know that there are drug classes available that can help them!

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