Could a Drug Class Have Helped Charlie Sheen?

by: Mike Miller

Do you remember Charlie Sheen before he was a drug-addicted horses bottom? Do you remember him early in his career?

My first recollection of Charlie was as the troubled teen at the police station in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off starring Matthew Broderick. Sheen played the bad boy Garth Volbeck who despite his appearance was a sweet and intelligent guy that wooed Bueller’s sister played by Jennifer Grey.

He rocketed to stardom with outstanding performances in Oliver Stone’s Platoon and Wall Street and seemed destined for mega-stardom with standout performances in Young Guns and Major League.

Then drugs became an issue and the wheels fell of the bus of his career.

While he admits he was regularly boozing it up and doing drugs throughout the early 1990s, it was in 1998 that the true nature of his problem came to light when he was rushed to the hospital following a cocaine overdose. He had begun to experiment with injecting the cocaine.

Since then his life seemed to spiral down-hill with drug-induced domestic disputes and arrests and a few stints in rehab.

Just when he seemed like a lost cause and would be the next member of the Brat pack to die prematurely he resurrected his life and his career on the CBS hit comedy Two and a Half Men. For eight years he played Charlie Harper garner numerous award nominations.

Then just when the show and his life were at their peak, cocaine found its way back into his life. He was fired from the show and since has gone on to embarrass himself at every turn.

I sure hope and pray that Sheen somehow gets his life back on track and pull a Robert Downey, Jr. and get clean and stay that way. It would be nice to see a talent like his persevere.