Celebrities James Ross and Janelle Evans Should Consider Alcohol Drug Class

by: Mike Miller

Do you idolize celebrities? Do you treat them like role models? I wish you wouldn’t. This is the fourth in a series of blog entries highlighting poor behavior. These “celebrities” (quotations used because some may be only marginal celebrities) all have a drug-related incident.

James Ross – I actually had no idea who this guy was when I started this blog. It turns out his 15 minutes of fame came as the winner on the television show RuPaul’s Drag Race. I can only imagine how he won the prize or what he had to do to win. This young hotshot was booked on possession of marijuana in Georgia. What a bad boy.

Janelle Evans – So many of these pseudo-celebrities are unknown to me. Evans is another example of someone who never should have had her 15 minutes of fame. As a “star” on Teen Mom 2 her drug-use and addiction issues were totally prevalent. It is no surprise she, who already was on probation, failed a random drug test with both marijuana and opiates in her system. Nice role model for children, right?

Neither one of these two are true celebrities. However, I would bet they each have a following. If I cared I would friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. Instead, I think both should get themselves to a drug class as quickly as possible. They should do everything in their power to live a sober life.