Could a North Carolina Drug Class Have Saved Baby’s Life?

by: Mike Miller

Should people have to get a license in order to have children? Should they be forced to take drug classes before they can conceive? Don’t laugh – given the high rate of infant addiction and behavior of parents this could be a legitimate issue.

In Charlotte, North Carolina both the mother and father of a 17-month-old baby boy have been charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child. This as reported in

Amber Rose Landry, 29, and Scott Paul Landry, 31, are in the Charlotte County Jail without bond after emergency technicians arrived to find a non-responsive infant who arrived in full cardiac arrest and later died.

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The biggest issue was that the baby's urinalysis was positive for presence of opiates.

Landry admitted he was on methadone and his wife goes to a methadone clinic. Police found three empty prescription bottles of Oxycodone prescribed for Scott in a locked drawer with two empty prescription bottles of methadone prescribed to Scott.

Making matters worse was the fact that their 2-year-old also tested positive for Benzo and Oxycodone.

The autopsy and toxicology showed a toxic level of Oxycodone in the infant's blood along with a high dosage of Oxymorphone in his urine.

It turns out the parents had been snorting Oxycodone the night before the boy's death. Police believe the abuse of Oxycodone caused the lack of supervision, allowing the children to ingest Oxycodone.

What were these people thinking? Obviously they were out of their right minds by doing drugs. Their addiction made them selfish to the point of child neglect and it wound up costing the life of an innocent.

Would a North Carolina drug class have made a difference? We will never know.