Celebrities Including Phil Spector and Heidi Fleiss May Need a Drug Class

by: Mike Miller

You often wonder what would happen if given the proper drug class and circumstances certain celebrities had chosen never to use or abuse drugs or alcohol. This is another in a series of blogs exploring the drug use so prevalent among today’s celebrities.

Phil Spector – Famed music producer Phil Spector was loaded on drugs and alcohol when he shot and killed Lana Clarkson in his Los Angeles home back in 2007. The victim also had alcohol and Vicodin in her system when she was killed. What if Spector had just said no? Would Clarkson have still been alive?

Ryan & Redmond O’Neal – Once again, like the Lohan family, the apple does not fall far from the tree. We explored the junior O’Neal’s continual battle with substance abuse in an earlier bog. Of course his famous dad has had numerous alcohol-related and a few drug-related incidents. The one they were both nailed for at the same time was narcotics possession at their Malibu home.

Heidi Fleiss – Of course she is best known as the famous Hollywood Madame for running a 5-star prostitution ring that spanned the country. Our good pal Charlie Sheen was one of her clients. I bet Lawrence Taylor was too. However she is also known for her substance abuse which was completely evident on her stay in Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Among the many charges she has faced, she has been arrested for both Dui and possession of illegal drugs.

What do you think of this ménage of celebrities? Will any find sobriety before they meet their maker. A good drug class and counseling may help, but there is a lot of internal work that needs to be accomplished first.