Drug Education Can Be Helpful for All of Us

by: Mike Miller

Do you think teen drug addiction affects you? Even if you or someone you care about does not have a problem with alcohol or other addictive chemical substances, be advised that addiction affects you.

Drug dealers who target children are among the most callous criminals, willing to addict youths and destroy young lives in order to line their pockets. This affects you, me, our kids and all of society. Everyone is affected by drug addiction. As reported in gulfnews.com.

These dealers are not stupid. They know their products are addictive and if they can just get us experimenting, they may have customers for life.

Now, they are using social networks, among other websites, to take advantage of naive youngsters and purvey their poison.

The answer is a combination of law enforcement and the rehabilitation of addicts to help reduce drug abuse.

While the authorities must do all they can to protect the society from drug dealers, it is the responsibility of families and individuals to ensure that young people do not fall victim to the menace.

If you or someone you care about has a drug problem seek help. If you prefer to maintain total anonymity there are online drug classes too.