Drug Education Can Only Go So Far When Mental Illness is Involved

by: Mike Miller

Battling drug addiction is hard for any individual. Most of us are helped by drug classes, counseling and joining social networks of other addicts attempting to stay sober. For addicts battling mental illness, the battle against addiction can seem impossible.

Sometimes seen as "self-medication," drugs and alcohol can worsen mental illness but treating substance abuse is not always given the high priority it deserves. As reported in www.lowellsun.com.

The truth is you cannot solve either addiction issues or mental illness by themselves – both issues must be tackled together.

The worrisome combination of mental illness and substance abuse is especially disturbing because there is scant attention being spent on addressing those who suffer from both addiction and mental illness.

Throw into this dangerous mix that both addicts and those who suffer mental illness are prone to violence and the firestorm rages.

Do you believe there is more substance abuse now? It may begin with mental illness that goes untreated. The patient decides to medicate himself and addiction issues become part of the problem.

I am not sure how drug classes fit into this mix. Perhaps if more effort is placed on education through drug classes, mentally ill people might seek professional remedies rather than self-medicating. Would you agree?