Drug Abuse Classes Illuminate Dangers of Weed

by: Mike Miller

Marijuana is one of the fastest-growing problems in our country. I say problems because there are more and more people using marijuana each day – and it is not medicinal use. I would say it is the fastest-growing problem, but I really think the meteoric rise in use of prescription medications might actually be the fastest-growing segment of drug use.

Cannabis has become one of the most commonly used drugs and is even the topic of popular debate on legalization. It is currently legal for recreational use in both Colorado and Washington and legal for medicinal purposes in 12 other states plus Washington DC.

There are a myriad of reasons why users claim marijuana should be legal. From that fact that it is a natural plant to its potential medicinal value the fact remains that THC is a psychoactive and addictive chemical substance.

Marijuana finds its way into nearly every party, school, and social gathering, so even the most casual users have easy access to it on a regular basis. It is easier for underage youths to obtain marijuana than alcohol.

Keep in mind that the American Medical Association has yet to find even one medicinal reason to use marijuana. Even if they did, there is a pill, Marinol, which can be prescribed by a physician and picked up in a local pharmacy.

If you or someone you care about uses marijuana, stop. Begin your life free of weed by taking an internet drug class.