Stay Out of Drug Culture and Enroll in an 8-Hour Online Drug Class

by: Mike Miller

We all have heard the term “drug culture.” But what really is it?

Drug use continues to be a growing part of our culture here in the US. Despite stronger laws and increased vigilance by law enforcement officials, it is evident America’s drug problems are worsening.

There are many different subsets of drug use because people use them for different reasons and include different kinds. This makes up a drug culture. There are different subcultures within the drug culture and these are defined as countercultures that are primarily defined by recreational drug use.

People who use drugs tend to socialize and congregate with others with similar habits and use issues. These subcultures come together because they unite different groups of people who share a common understanding of the meaning and value of the incorporation into one’s life of a specific drug. That shared value can be both negative and positive, but it is something that brings them all together in a drug culture.

Drug subcultures can include those using drugs, but also those who deal drugs. Taking it one step farther there are groups that form into a full-scale political movement (like NORML) for the reform of drug laws. All of these parts come together to make a drug culture.

Increased drug education and parental involvement is crucial in thinning the drug culture – less users means smaller culture. I have long advocated for mandatory online drug classes for all middle school and high school students in America. What do you think?