Martin Sheen Understands Need for Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

Does Martin Sheen have a drug problem? No. Does his son Charlie Sheen have a drug problem - maybe.

Like Martin Sheen, most of us probably know someone who is caught in the tangled web of substance dependence - alcohol, prescription medications, methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine abuse. As reported in

We struggle to understand how anyone could become so embroiled in something so physically and emotionally destructive and financially devastating.

Martin, the Emmy Award-winning actor of “The West Wing”, is working with professionals not only to help raise awareness, but to uncover ways to treat addiction as a disease.

Sheen is advocating drug treatment courts for men, women and juveniles. These courts have proven remarkably successful in treating addiction issues in areas where they have been experimented with.

Sheen has a personal passion for recovery and believes deeply that community investment in Drug Treatment Courts fuels local economies and recovery.

The actor understands that alcohol classes and drug classes, combined with treatments that reduce the stigma associated with treatment and recovery from addiction help not only the addicts, but everyone in the community living in the shadow of addiction.

If you or someone you care about has a substance abuse problem, please seek help immediately. If total anonymity is preferred to begin, an online drug class is a good place to start.