Papa Roach Singer Knows Need for Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

So many famous actors and singers use and abuse alcohol and drugs. Some succumb to their vices, while others overcome their addictions. It is nice to hear that one of my favorite singer’s appears to be one of the success stories.

Many of you may not recognize the name Jacoby Shaddix. He is the lead singer for Papa Roach. The name of the band certainly gives one the understanding that this is a band that might partake in the consumption of illegal substances. As reported in

Just how bad had things gotten: the 36-year-old Shaddix’s substance abuse had spun out of control, he’d split from his wife of more than a decade and had contemplated taking his own life.

Like many addicts, he sat there contemplating how he had destroyed his life and thought maybe there was nothing left to live for.

Shaddix really puts an addict’s life in perspective. As a member of a band there is constant partying. They believe at first they can party just a little bit and control it. Then they know they are partying and it is creating problems. Then they realize they are totally out of control.

The wake call for the singer came when his younger brother visited and told he was a total wreck. His little brother had always idolized him and now, he couldn’t stand to see his older brother killing himself with drugs and alcohol.

With his brother and band mates firmly behind him Shaddix has gone through rehab he hopes for the last time. He understands that abstinence is the only option for an addict. Hopefully he will be an example for others who are struggling with substance abuse issues